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Fixed fees, time-spent fees, and success fees

Lawyer fees are divided among : fixed fee, time-spent fee and success fees.

– Fixed fee : when the necessary time to spend on your case can be known (for example garde à vue, trial before the Employment Court), I offer fixed fees from 1.200€ to 3.000 € without VAT.

– Success fee: an amount from 10 to 15% without VAT of obtained sums are added to fixed fee or to Time-Spent fee.

– Time-Spent fee : When the necessary time to spend on your case is unpredictacble, because of the complexity of the case or the stage of the proceedings, the fees are set regarding the time spent on your case. The Firm asks the upfront payment of a retainer of 10 hours of work. Once the 10 hours are spent, a recap of the tasks done.

In all cases, except emergencies, a fees agreement wiill be signed before any work done.

First appointment

The first appointment will be billed 120 € including VAT.

Its goals are the following :
– Listening to your needs,
– Collecting the first elements relating to your case,
– Providing you the first legal information,
– Offering you, at this stage, the foreseen strategy,
– Laying out the fees.

The amount of the first appointment will be included within the fees if you appoint me as your lawyer.

State Legal Aid

In certain cases and under certain conditions, I agree to intervene under state legal aid. Anyone whose income does not exceed a certain ceiling set by decree can apply for State lega aid. You will find more information on :

Explanations and conditions of state legal aid

Stade Legal Aid request from